When it comes to the game of cricket, a fast bowler’s performance often determines the winning side and the progress of the match. A fast bowler usually delivers the ball with a velocity around 85 miles per hour and can make the ball spin in a way that makes life difficult for the batsman. The fastest ball delivered at the international level was by Shoaib Akhtar, an awesome 100.2 mph, against England’s Nick Knight in a world cup match in 2003. Here are few Cricket Batting Tips against Fast Bowlers. These Cricket Batting Tips against Fast Bowlers will surely enable you to perform better when you face a fast bowler next time.


Footwork is an important area to consider. You can never predict how the delivery will turn out to be once the ball pitches. Good footwork will enable to play the ball well whatever the outcome of the ball is after pitching.

Eye contact

When facing a fast bowler, it is important that you see the area where the ball pitches. This will enable the batsman to ascertain what the outcome of the ball will be. This also enables the batsman to decide whether the ball is delivered short, good or full. Whenever facing a fast bowler, a batsman who is able to note the point where the ball pitches will have definite advantage over the players that does not.

Level Bat

Since a fast bowler often deliver balls are thunderous velocities, the batsman has very little time to react.  It is best that the batsman holds the bat at his waist level. This will ensure that the batsman will be able to drive the ball away to a direction that he wishes while imparting good force on the ball. By holding the bat waist high, it is easier to play offensively against a fast bowler.

Off Pads through the On-Side

Off pads through the on-side is an effective technique to counter the aggressiveness of fast bowlers. In this technique, the batsman should stay where he is and allow the ball to traverse the length of the pitch. When the ball is close enough, the batsman with perfect timing hits the ball into the field which is opposite to the batsman’s hand. This technique makes it easier to pick gaps in the field and find boundaries.

Defence shot

The most commonly played defensive shots in cricket are forward defense and back foot defense. Forward defense is effective against spin bowlers than fast bowlers. It is best to play the back foot defensive shot against a fast bowler. This type of defensive shot does have a lot of advantage as it makes use of the pace of the ball. While playing this shot, the batsman stays to guard his wicket by aligning himself with the same.

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