Left hander batsman should bat left handed and vice-versa. The key lies in bottom hand excess of this will send the ball skyward. The bottom hand provides control for keeping the cricket shots on the ground.


  • Off side strokes are more comfortable when the angle of delivery from right handed bowler is over the wicket. For a left hander batsman, the bowler has to adjust his line. When left and right hander batsman bat together, taking quick singles is easy. The bowler as well as the field needs regular changes.
  • If the ball is delivered from the wide of the stumps, a bowler should be careful. A right hander batsman should take advantages of straight deliveries because such deliveries are easily on-driven. Opening the right foot to such deliveries should be practiced.
  • The top of the order is most advantageous to the left handed batsman as most of the bowlers at the top of the order are right handed. Left hander batsman handle slow, left arm balls with better ease than right hander batsman. The reason to this being that the standard delivery becomes an off break.


  • Left handed batting tips include that the left hander batsman has to face more rough from bowler’s footmarks as the game progresses. Many bowlers are right arm over the wicket. Marks outside the left hander’s off-stump should be left.

Tips for all:

Keeping the eye level will speed up reaction time. Left handed batting tips are to move your shoulder toward the line of the ball. Doing this, rest of the body will follow the same. The ball should be played on length. Good length should be respected while bad length should be punished. The batsman is advised to keep an eye on the ball as it moves from the bowler’s hands. Distinguishing the shiny side from the rough side will help in determining the correct swing of the ball. During the match, one is advised to remain balanced.


Left handed batting gloves; the note reinforced thumb guard should be on the left hand.

For the left hander batsman, the only equipment that differs is the gloves. This is because, the left thumb needs greater protection as it is in front. Bats and pads are same for both right hander as well as the left hander. A bat with a harder right face is useful for left hander batsman.

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