Bowler in cricket is the counterpart of pitcher in baseball. The batter does his best to stroke the ball away and score runs. The bowler tries to plug the flow of runs by delivering the ball at different positions on the pitch. The bowler may deliver the ball straight at the batsman and if it hits the wicket, the batman will be declared out and will be replaced by another if there are enough wickets left. If the bowler is careless and delivers the ball past the batsman, the batter has a better chance of hitting the ball into the stands. So a bowler has to employ Cricket Bowling Technique that keeps a balance between offensive and defensive bowling.
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Types of Bowlers in Cricket

The mode of gripping the ball is depends on the type of bowler, whether he is slow, medium or fast. Conventionally, the seam is placed between the middle and the index fingers. The thumb grips the bottom region of the ball. The side of the ball is supported lightly using the ring finger. Leg spinners grip the ball’s seam with the index and middle fingers with the thumb placed close to the index finger.
When delivering a flipper, the grip is similar to that of a leg spinner’s but the fingers crosses the seam but about half an inch and a good amount of pressure is imparted to the ball with the aid of the thumb.

While employing the Zooter technique, the bowler encloses the ball with his palm. The ball is balanced with the thumb and the ring finger. The bowler also grips the seam with the middle and index fingers.

Spin techniques

When delivering a leg spin, the bowler imparts a spin of about 30 degree to the ball just before the ball is released. When delivering flipper, the bowler merely squeezes the ball by applying a lot of pressure on the ball with his fingertips. The zooter technique requires the bowler to impart very little spin to the ball and should deliver the ball like the shot putters do.

Pace bowling technique

Pace Cricket Bowling Technique employs the use of high velocities to make batting difficult. Most fast bowlers use techniques like in swing, out swing and reverse swing. When delivering an in swinger, the bowler angels the ball in such a way that the seam points toward the batsman so that the ball moves toward the batsman after pitching. On the other hand, when out swing is delivered, the ball moves away from the batsman after pitching. Other techniques that are widely used are leg-cutter and off-cutter.

Bowling lengths

Most bowlers employ the tactic of delivering the ball at varying lengths. When delivering a Yorker, the ball is delivered in such a way that it is in air for most part of its journey before pitching close to the batsman’s bat. Full toss involves no pitching at all. All through the course of journey, the ball will be in the air. Two most common bowling lengths are long hop and half volley. The length at which a ball is delivered mainly depends on the type pitch the game is played.